Applying a WordPress Page Template

1. To add a WordPress page template to a page, edit or add a new page from the Pages menu located in the WordPress Dashboard.

2. Find the Page Attributes section. In this section, you’ll see a drop-down list for available page templates.

Depending on your WordPress theme, you’ll see your specific page template options in the drop-down menu.

For example, for this WordPress theme, you have an option to select the Default template, a Front page template or a Full-width page template with no sidebar.

Previewing your WordPress Page Template

To test out how each of these templates would change the look of the page, select a page template. Now, you can preview the changes to this page and decide whether or not to apply this page template to the page.

Publishing the Page

Once you’ve selected the page template to apply, just make sure it’s been selected and click Publish.

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